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The Southampton Plot: Revelations, DNA and Implications

A plot to overthrow Henry V was betrayed on July 31st, 1415, just as the invasion of France was about to begin The leader of the plot, Richard, Earl of Cambridge, and his co-conspirators, were tried condemned and beheaded before Southampton’s Bargate on August 2nd and August 5th. Richard’s head and body were buried in […]

So Great A Prince- Lauren Johnson

Kindle Edition, Published 2016, Head of Zeus The King is dead: long live the King. In 1509, Henry VII was succeeded by his son Henry VIII, second monarch of the house of Tudor. But this is not the familiar Tudor world of Protestantism and playwrights. Decades before the Reformation, ancient traditions persist: boy bishops, pilgrimage, […]

Some Great Resources

Great Resources Alfred the Great: Asser’s Life of King Alfred and Other Contemporary Sources by Asser Aethelstan: The First King of England by Sarah Foot Why is it that us Brits remember our defeat at the hands of the Normans, but seem to have largely forgotten the West Saxon ruling dynasty who effectively made England? […]