Hardcover Edition Published May 1st, 2016, The History Press, 288 Pages Two sisters: born nine years apart to a mad French king during the turbulent years of the Hundred Years War, the bitter series of conflicts that set the House of Plantagenet against the House of Valois. Catherine de Valois, the beautiful young bride of […]

Kindle Edition, Published December 1st 2016 by Aria. 318 Pages 635AD. Anglo-Saxon Britain. A gripping, action-packed historical thriller and third instalment in The Bernicia Chronicles. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell. Oswald is now King of Northumbria. However, his plans for further alliances and conquests are quickly thrown into disarray when his wedding to a […]

Yes, yes I know. Late again. Things tend to build up, but here it is at last the (possibly) long-awaited conclusion to my series. So without further ado. Episode 7 & 8 The final episodes had to be for me, the most frustrating of all. The attempt at a corny love story, Aethelflead becoming a […]

It’s out, Aethelflead is on the loose.  People who have pre-ordered should be getting their copies soon (in the UK, US readers have to wait until the 1st August), and an e-book edition should be following shortly for Kindle, Kobo and e-reader users.  For those buying the traditional way, The Warrior Queen is now available […]

I’m continuing my commentary on the second series of The Last Kingdom here. Episode 4: Uhtred gets revenge on his old enemy Kjartjan, who killed his adoptive Viking father and kidnapped his adoptive sister. Lots of fight scenes. Father Beocca, the former childhood Tutor to Uhtred, takes a liking to his long-lost sister. Not much […]

I’ve decided to write a very brief commentary on Series Two of The Last Kingdom series, with a focus on those aspects which relate to King Alfred the Great and his family, who are of course the subjects of my book. As the question ‘Is it accurate?’ often comes up in relation to historical Fiction […]

Originally posted on Aethelflaed Rises:
Opinions, or more often the practice of the pronunciation of the Anglo Saxon name Aethelflaed varies greatly, even amongst Historians. Note the difference of pronunciation between Martin Carver’s consistent /æðʊlflæd/ in his BBC Radio lecture and the pronunciations of Michael Wood in the video clip linked to on this blog. Prof.…

Kindle Edition Published 1st October 2016 by SPCK, 128 Pages. Over six hundred years ago a woman known as Julian of Norwich wrote what is now regarded as one of the greatest works of literature in English. Based on a sequence of mystical revelations she received in 1373, her book is called Revelations of Divine […]

There is a claim that is frequently put forward on social media, and even now on Television with the renewed interest in all thing relating to the Wars of the Roses. This is that Henry Tudor was not a ‘true Lancastrian’ or indeed a ‘true Plantagenet’. Some even take it as far as to suggest […]

A plot to overthrow Henry V was betrayed on July 31st, 1415, just as the invasion of France was about to begin The leader of the plot, Richard, Earl of Cambridge, and his co-conspirators, were tried condemned and beheaded before Southampton’s Bargate on August 2nd and August 5th. Richard’s head and body were buried in […]