I am a Sussex girl, Medieval History graduate,  and a soon to be published Author. My First book The Warrior Queen: The Life and Legend of Aethelflead, Daughter of Alfred the Great is due to come out in late Summer of 2017:  Published by Amberley, and available from all good retailers.


How this disorganized, scatterbrained blonde managed to write a historical biography is often beyond her own comprehension, so expect no useful tips on writing or editing from this quarter. It was hard,  but I wanted to get the story of a great woman out there, and I hope my meagre efforts will be appreciated.

With the writing finished, I’ve gone back to my day job working on a Ph.D. on the subject of  Women and Feudalism in the Late Middle Ages. Although this makes me sound incredibly smart, I wonder how I ever managed to get that far in academic research as well.  Much of the time I would rather be watching The Two Towers Extended Edition or curling up with a good book then trawling through The Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem (which have absolutely nothing to the do with the Spanish Inquisition, thumbscrews or burning) or the Fine Rolls in search of evidence for some obscure late Medieval land dispute or Court Case. 

Perhaps the future has another book in store. For now, I hope people will enjoy and try to say nice just try to say nice things about the present one, or at very least, refrain from hurling rotten vegetables. You can find reviews of titles by other historians and authors, news and other topical posts on my Blog, or contact me via the form, or just explore further on this website

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